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Camping Gear Does Double Duty

Submit an Entry: Emergency Preparedness Kits

By Lara Dirks

Updated October 10, 2009

Got a favorite place to get supplies?

Any where they are cheap but have decent quality.

What I'm planning for

Any kind of natural disaster (like an earthquake). A friend of mine works for PG&E and he was sent to the bay area after an earthquake that damaged many homes and he said that the families that were well equipped for camping did the best because they could live in their back yard instead of going to a shelter, and really who doesn't remember the pictures of the people staying at shelters after Katrina?

What's in my kit

My kit is in a large but portable Rubbermaid container and it has a shovel, pots and pans, soap, plates and utensils, MRE's, toilet paper, paper towels, feminine supplies, towels, batteries, flash lights, first aide kit, hygiene kits, a survival book, bungees, matches, water (near by the kit in one gallon containers). I want the kit to be easily transportable so it is not to heavy and it is by the front of the garage for easy accesses. Additionally my camping supplies are also near the kit (tent, sleeping bags, stove, fuel for stove, chairs etc). If we have to leave our home I want to be comfy if at all possible.

Tips and Tricks

  • Make sure that you check your kit every so often and if you have a new family member (like a baby or a grandparent) come to live with you that you update the kit to meet their needs.

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