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Massive Sting on Foot

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By fiona

Updated October 18, 2011

Massive Sting on Foot

Location of the sting (body part)

right foot

Where I was (part of the world)

sibu island Malaysia

What happened?

i was wading in the beach and sudden felt my right foot has a stinging feeling.

When i raised my foot i saw green a big patch of green mosses like sticking to my foot.

i am not sure not stung me. I suspect is sea anemone. If anyone has a different opinion appreciate your advise.

What I did about the sting

i was send to the medical room and got treated there with artisan cream and painkiller. tablet

the next day the injured area and my foot became swollen and turn reddish.

when i reached Singapore on the same day my foot become more swollen that i when to the hospital for treatment. the picture shows the condition of my foot 5 days after i was stung.

What I'd Do Differently

  • i would take a photo of the green stuff sticking on it as now no one is sure what that was that green mosses looking stuff sticking on my foot.

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