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Jellyfish Sting in the Bahamas

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By Michelle

Updated August 12, 2011

Jellyfish Sting in the Bahamas

jellyfish sting in the bahamas

Location of the sting (body part)

Right leg outer calf

Where I was (part of the world)

Cable beach, nassau, bahamas

What happened?

I was walking into the water with my 6 y/o daughter while she swam. That day I didn't feel like going in for a swim. I was up to my knee when I felt a really bad stinging sensation. I thought immediately I had been stung but then then thought maybe the mosquito bite I had there had been irritated by the water. A few minutes later I looked at it and sure enough had the marks of tentacles on my leg. Two lifeguards said not to worry their jellyfish are the size of dimes and harmless. Well, I went back into the water and saw a jellyfish. But I think he was worth more than 10 cents because he was bigger than a half dollar.

What I did about the sting

The lifeguards suggested white vinegar. But I had rubbed sand on it first because I remembered my grandmother doing that when my brother and I had been attacked by hundreds of jellyfish in Puerto Rico back in December of 1992. And then I applied the vinegar but that same evening back in NYC it itched and hurt more. I applied deodorant on the 2nd night because the aluminum or some other ingredient numbs the itch for a while. And today I sprayed benadryl extra strenght on it.

What I'd Do Differently

  • I would have checked for the tentacles right away and not brushed it off as my mosquito bite. And carry benadryl spray with me everywhere.
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