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Reader Submissions: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

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If you have a spider bite picture you'd like to share with other readers on About.com First Aid, fill out the form below. A photo is required, so don't forget to upload a picture of your spider bite for us to see. If you have two, upload a before and after picture. Be sure to tell us how much time has passed between the first and second picture.

Please do not submit blurry pictures. Many cameras (especially cell phones) won't focus if you hold them too close to the spider bite. To take a clear picture, hold the camera at least 2 feet away.

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Did you catch a glimpse of the culprit scurrying away? Did the doctor tell you it was a spider? How do you know?
Tell us the story of how you got the bite. Include details like how you found the bite and whether you saw the doctor.

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