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Staph Infection

Submit an Entry: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

By BG024

Updated September 09, 2010

Staph Infection

No super powers, Only Staph infection.

Staph Infection

Check your sheets before you sleep!.

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)


Why I think it's a spider bite

The initial bite had two breaks in the skin. One being a white pus bubble. My room being in the basement.

What happened

I must of Gotten the bite in my sleep, Rolling over and trapping a spider under my arm. I went and saw the doctor, Spent around 10 painful hours in the E.R. Getting Cut, poked, prodded and stuffed over a course of 3 days. I had contracted staph infection and am now currently taking antibiotics. I had Shown the exterminator who had come to my house after the initial bite to rid the problem and put us scared-to-sleep roommates at ease and he couldn't even look at it. Saying he had only seen two spider bites that bad in his 20 years of work (mine being the second) in his whole career.


Any sort of insect bite you can get, treat very seriously and as soon as possible, to lessen the risk of getting a nasty case of staph infection.

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