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Spider Bite or Not? You Never Know

Submit an Entry: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

By tami

Updated November 15, 2012

Spider Bite or Not? You Never Know


Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)

Forefinger knuckle

Why I think it's a spider bite

It Burns. I can't touch it. I'm shaky and Nautious. Been vomiting since yesterday. Yesterday day it itched uncontrollably and when I woke up this morning its hard and red with a core.

What happened

Noticed it yesterday after working in the shed. Began itching worse and worse. Was wondering if it was a bight but couldn't see much. Woke up this morning sick and itchy throat and ears. Red hard with a core inside. I'm going to the doctor now.


  • I have had black widow bight before and this reminds me of it a little bit. U just never know

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