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Green Spider Bite?

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By Shanna, Montana

Updated April 26, 2011

Green Spider Bite?

one day after bite

Green Spider Bite?

two days after bite

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)


Why I think it's a spider bite

I woke up to my arm feeling really sore, when i looked i saw a red whelt with a large puncture hole in it. Two days later it now looks like some kind of blister and is getting bigger and much more sore.

What happened

When I woke up I noticed that my arm was very sore. When I looked at my arm i noticed that I had a red whelt with a large puncture in it. I was hoping that it would just go away, but as the days go by it is getting more sore and it is now turning into more like a blister and now has a greenish discoloring in the middle of what looks like a blister. The area around it is now getting red and warm. I have not gone to the dr. yet but if it gets worse I will have no choice. The thought of having a large sore that might spread and leave a scar scares me.


  • If you think that you might have a spider bite and it is starting to blister and turn color, you should really go and seek medical attention. The infection could spread making you really sick and also it could scare very bad.

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