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Doc Thinks Spider Bite, No Treatment

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By StrangeDaiz

Updated September 08, 2011

Doc Thinks Spider Bite, No Treatment

day 2, with marker on edges to gauge spreading

Doc Thinks Spider Bite, No Treatment

day 3, more redness & blisters

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)


Why I think it's a spider bite

My doctor suspects it's a spider bite, but didn't offer treatment or take any tests. He said if it's brown recluse there isn't much of a course of treatment. And I've always heard of the 'halo' effect brown recluse spiders particularly are noted for. In one photo I also believe you can see fang marks...

What happened

Must have been while I was sleeping. The first morning, my elbow burned almost like a rug burn; the 2nd day I felt physically ill, going hot and getting chills, nauseus and just generally out of it and fatigued. The third day (today) I've seemed to develop more blisters within the ring and the whole area has become hard (and painful) to the touch. My pain doc doesn't specialize in this area, but suspects a brown recluse bite. He said there's nothing to do about it, to let it runs its course, but I am horrified about the idea of the necrotic venom.


  • I am still seeking advice. Any and all input is appreciated..

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