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Bites in a Cluster

Submit an Entry: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims

By catnapmaddie@yahoo.com

Updated June 09, 2011

Bites in a Cluster

this is how it looks 4 days after the bite.

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)

this is my leg, on the side of my knee.

Why I think it's a spider bite

looks like other spider bites.

What happened

walking outside and felt a bite under my crop pants.

4 days later it looks like the picture. I am going to the doctor tomorrow because it now looks infected. I have been keeping an eye on it and each day it looks worse, and today it looks infected.

It is painful to the touch, and I have put antibotic lotion on it, so now the next step is to the doctor tomorrow.


  • I would not do anything different, except maybe call doctor a few days earlier.

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