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5 Spider Bites on Neck

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By Robin Hawkins

Updated March 30, 2010

5 Spider Bites on Neck

Itching Terribly

Tell us where your bite is (arm, leg, nose, whatever)

5 bites to the side and back of neck

Why I think it's a spider bite

I had the windows open and we have had different ones in the house. I had been working outside all weekend and may have been bit when I was messing around with some old burlap bags. My mattress is new and I have had no new bites since these 5. These bites have itched horribly and then burn because of the irritation from just rubbing them. I took a tylenol with benadryl and that helped some, but I still woke in the middle of the night with itching. I do not feel ill and have not been running a fever; although I have had a nurse check the spots out each day to verify if there are any changes in the areas.

What happened

Woke up on Monday morning and there they were. Have not been bitten since. I never saw an actual spider, but spiders have been in our household for ever and we have always sprayed to eliminate intrusions. We have been bitten in the past during our sleeping hours, but not this many times in one session nor is it consistent. I do not think we have had a bug bite from the night in many months. Nothing all winter at least. I have not been to a doctor yet, but I have a nurse friend who is keeping an eye out on these areas.


I really do not have any advice. We generally protect ourselves from chiggers, ticks, and mosquitoes. Those are always on our minds. I do not think too much about spiders because I do not worry so much about them crawling on me. I am very careful outdoors when I move wood or build with bamboo. Plus, I figure if I am protecting myself against the others what I use would work for spiders. These occurred after I showered and retired for the evening; awakening to the bites on my neck.

Rod Brouhard, EMT – P , About.com First Aid, says:

I've always said that unless you catch the spider in the act, there's no way to tell if it was really a spider that bit you. On the other hand, if bites show up in the middle of the night, there's no way to say that it wasn't a spider, either.

The bottom line: watch all "spider bites" carefully to make sure they don't spread or develop into severe infections.

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