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Reader Submissions: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims


Updated August 06, 2010

A lot of things get blamed on spiders: pimples, infections, parasites, other bugs, you name it. About.com First Aid gets hundreds of pictures of various lesions that may or may not have come from nefarious spiders.

Sometimes lesions are caused by spider bites and sometimes they're not. Whether a spider is to blame doesn't matter as much as whether it's time to see a doctor and get aggressive treatment. These are some possible spider bites, shared by the victims themselves.

Are you a victim of a spider bite? Do you have a picture? Click on the button to share your own spider bite picture here on About.com First Aid.

Swelling Even After Antibiotics

This is our five year old daughter's ankle. It first looked like an insect bite, but two days later developed swelling and white ring around the bite. She had scratched it too much, so we couldn't re…More

Is It a Bite?

i dont know.... i woke up this morning and noticed it when i went to the restroom... it is raised at the center like a pimple and has a bruised type circle around it... it itches like no other and fe…More


I saw the doctor a week later and he gave me ointment. It was just red and round at the time. I had been using benedryl and keeping a band-aid on it. After a couple of days it grew a little larger, b…More

Don't have the Money for a Doc

Not sure what happened, I was cleaning my garage and then took a shower, Being in South Florida there's tons of options as to what it may be. I get bit by mosquitoes on a daily basis and this obvious…More

From the Basement

Six months ago, my nephews started with itchy red marks every morning, they slept in the basement; and my toddler girl, every time down to the basement, comes up with bites on their feet, toes and wh…More

Cellulitis Shaped Like a 'W'

Woke up in the morning. Actually thought the seam of my panties was pinching my hip. Felt a large, round welt. Looked in the mirror and freaked out. Then went to the two different hospitals. Along wi…More

Swelling from Allergic Reaction?

Sitting on a cloth covered bench that is kept outside, my daughter got this bite on the back of her leg. It is very swollen, raised, warm to the touch, very tight and a little painful. No redness yet…More

He Doesn't Seem to be in Pain

Woke up with a red dot, and swelling after a nap. He is 2 1/2 years old. It happen 7 days ago, and it has not gone away, seems to be getting worse. Does not seem to bother him though. There was a sma…More

Must be a Spider Cuz Nothing Else Bugs Me as Bad

I believe it was when I was hanging out with friends in the university's arboretum 4 days ago. We sat on the grass for a very long time, and I had chosen to wear a knee-length skirt (usually I wear j…More

Fang It!

I'm not too sure how it happened. I had plans on doing some errands in town. So I took a shower. After the shower i noticed my stomach was really itching. I think it might have been on my towel and …More

Itch Outside Might Not be a Mosquito

I was out in the yard for 20 minutes digging up and potting a couple plants. When i came inside i noticed the back of my ankle was itchy, i didn't look at it to much, just figuring i was bit by a fl…More

Nibbled on My Ear

Happened in my sleep. Woke up didn't notice anything. 8 hours later I got the worst head ache ever. Started sweatting and had to lie down. Doctor gave me antubiotics. Like 4000mg a day for 5 days:'( …More

Don't Scratch It

Woke up in the mornings with arm stinging. It took 24hrs to make the hives and it has gotten so bad itchy it wakes me up at night! I am going to an allergist to find out exactly what it is! itchy itc…More

Fever with a Spider Bite?

I noticed the bite on a saturday morning. It was about the size of a dime, a bit smaller perhaps. By Saturnday night I had a fever that then lasted for several days and that reached 104 degrees at on…More

Black Widow I Think

I was painting the edge of a roof that had a little hangover and saw a few baby Black widows but did not let it bother me. I was up on a ladder and used my free hand to grab under the edge of the han…More

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