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Reader Submissions: Spider Bite Pictures from Spider Bite Victims


Updated August 06, 2010

A lot of things get blamed on spiders: pimples, infections, parasites, other bugs, you name it. About.com First Aid gets hundreds of pictures of various lesions that may or may not have come from nefarious spiders.

Sometimes lesions are caused by spider bites and sometimes they're not. Whether a spider is to blame doesn't matter as much as whether it's time to see a doctor and get aggressive treatment. These are some possible spider bites, shared by the victims themselves.

Are you a victim of a spider bite? Do you have a picture? Click on the button to share your own spider bite picture here on About.com First Aid.

Share Your Spider Bite

Rattlesnake Bite: One Fang Through the Jeans

careless, have had a few others over 40 or so years, haven't been to Doc. The swelling has pretty well stopped progressing, is a little puffy from my (nearly) crotch to real swolen at my foot. It's n…More

Hobo or Recluse, Says Doc

Sitting in bathroom/closet putting together shoe rack. This pic is at 4 days old. All I know is I felt the welt starting one evening, and next day it was sore and pain radiated thru hip, over hip, in…More

Spider Bite or MRSA?

I woke up with it. I was wearing yoga pants so I'm not sure how I could have gotten bit. I got my yoga pants off the floor so I guess something could have crawled in but I'm not sure how it would hav…More

Bruise is a Spider Bite?

White center and big bruise had it for over ten days. Did not see it this is second time in two months once at night while asleep and the this one while getting out of car. No pain but just a little …More

The Swelling Does Not Go Down

got the bite in my studio while taking photos I was down on the floor doing close up and that's when I felt dizzy all off a sudden and nausea and breathless but it subsided after few minutes, went to…More

Small Prick. Huge Boil.

I was unpacking boxes from inventory and our inventory is from Florida. Well a small brown spider fell out. I didn't pay much attention and figured that was the only one but I think I was wrong. It t…More

Bite from the Recliner?

i was sitting in recliner felt something on me, so i got up took off shirt changed shirts, didn't reliaze I had been bitten by anything. The next day my back was really itchy and sore, so I lifted up…More

Swollen Toe

Woke up with a big blister on middle toe, no reason to have a blister due to new shoes, so has to be from a bite. Wore flip flops to work because blistered toe is to big to fit in my dress shoes. Was…More

Ugly Finger

I noticed a small bump on my finger after putting up Christmas lights on my shrubs. I put a power stake in some leaves under my front porch (wooden). I threw an extension cord under the porch, then r…More

Infection Rising

I'm not exactly sure where I got bite but I felt something had bite me. I ignored it until about a week, thinking it would go away, until I was in so much pain I could not sleep. When I went to the d…More

Itching Please Stop

It happened 2 days ago and the itching is driving me crazy! I was sitting on the couch in my pajamas and it bit me hard! I haven't seen a doctor, but I'm thinking of going to urgent care if the itch …More

Noticed in Shower

Didn't notice until after getting out of the shower. It was tender to the touch and there was slight redness. It looked like a black spot. Almost like something was under the skin. Cleaned thoroughly…More

Spider Bite on Finger?

This is on my husband's finger. He was at some friend's house and they had a fire outside and he was picking up wood all night to add to the fire. During the course of the night, it started hurting, …More

Perhaps a Spider in the Clothes Bin?

The site became itchy and red. With a small pimple then what appeared to be two small puncture wounds that weeped.i saw a doctor two days later , who gave me a penicillin injection . And a course of …More

I Need it Checked Out

It started of as what I thought was a heat spot and I scratched it,next day I woke up to a white headed lump so I squeezed it,but it is now red and inflamed but keeps filling with white fluid,it's pa…More

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