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Reader Reviews : First Aid Kits


Updated July 17, 2010

Walk down the first aid aisle at your local drug store and there will be a dozen little plastic cases or bags of supplies labeled as first aid kits. First aid kits all seem to be the same, but in fact some first aid kits are vastly superior to others.

Should you buy one of these first aid kits? Look here to see if there's a perfect first aid kit for your home, car, RV or wherever you plan to keep it.

Made It Myself

I checked several first aid kits available at the local pharmacy (CVS, Walgreens, Walmart) and did not find what I needed. Walmart had a decent one for $9, but not quite what I needed. I bought a ver…More

Xpect by Cintas

We have a cabinet that hangs on the wall. It is Xpect by Cintas brand. Impressively stocked. I really like how everything is packaged in a color code type of system (red for emergency/blood, orange f…More

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