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First Aid on the Road: Travel Safety

On the road injuries have their own unique set of problems. Learn to handle those injuries.
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Be Prepared for an In-Flight Medical Emergency
Carine Desir died on American Airlines Flight 896 from Haiti to New York on February 22, 2007. Nine months earlier, two doctors worked together to deliver a baby on a Delta Air Lines flight from Germany to Atlanta. Both of these -- the beginning and the end of life -- are often considered medical emergencies, and medical emergencies are not...

10 Ways to Ruin Your Flight
Of course you don't want to plan to have a medical emergency while trapped in a flimsy aluminum tube 35,000 feet in the air flying through bitterly cold air! But you do want to plan for a medical emergency -- just in case. The best way to prepare is to know what could happen. These are dangerous (and not-so-dangerous) medical conditions that can strike equally in coach or fi…

Avoid Traveler's Diarrhea
Traveler's Diarrhea comes from the many local bacteria visitors are unaccustomed to ingesting. Learn how to avoid getting Traveler's Diarrhea.

Surf, Sand, and Safety: First Aid Tips for the Beach
The beach is a blast, but it has its dangers. Make sure you're ready for the beach and prepared to stay safe at play.

Road Trip Safety Tips
Taking a road trip can be a great way to see the world. Be sure, however, that you have what it takes to stay safe on the road.

Party Fouls that Need First Aid
Whether you're hosting or attending the party, you don't want to play the fool. Here are some common party fouls that can lead to some pretty embarrassing first aid.

Beach Party Fouls that Need First Aid
We've all been to the party where something goes wrong. Whether you're attending or hosting, here are the top beach party fouls to avoid.

First Aid Kits on Airline Flights
Current restrictions on liquids for those on airline flights may mean adjusting first aid kits to remove any banned items. Here is a list of apropriate first aid items to carry onto airline flights.

Air Travel - Medicines and Air Travel - Traveling with Medicines
How to travel by air with your medicines. Traveling with your medicines without worries or concerns. Traveling with medicines the easy way.

Kidney - Kidney Injury From Trauma
The kidneys are located deep in the abdomen and well protected by back muscles and the rib cage. Despite this, kidney injury can still happen.

Recognizing Altitude Sickness
Altitude illness occurs when unacclimatized people visit destinations above 2000 meters (about 6600 feet). Learn to recognize altitude sickness in order to seek treatment.

Guidelines for Flying with Heart Disease
Guidelines for flying with heart disease

First Aid Kits for Travel
Being on the road means taking your first aid supplies with you. The complexity of the first aid kit depends on where you're going.

Cell Phone 911 -- Wireless 911 -- Using Cell Phones to Call 911
Calling 911 from the road poses special problems.

Top Picks for Blister Kits and First Aid for Blisters
Top picks for blister kits and first aid kits for walkers from your Guide to Walking.

Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's
These are the basic steps to handle any emergency.

How To Treat a Diabetic Emergency
The most common emergency diabetic patients face is too little sugar in the bloodstream. Know how to react and you could reverse this life-threatening condition.

Insect Bites and Stings
Insect bites can be toxic or lead to anaphylaxis. Be careful when working around bugs.

What to Keep in Your First Aid Kit
It's a good idea to have a first aid kit handy. Here are the items you should keep in it.

First Aid Checklist for Campers
A list of items for those camping emergencies. From your About Guide to Camping.

Never Take Car Seat Lessons from Britney Spears
Never Take Car Seat Lessons from Britney Spears

Emergency Help: The Number to Call in Australia
About's Guide to Australia explains how to get help when traveling down under.

First Aid Kits for Anywhere
What's in your first aid kit? Share your first aid kit and see how others put together their first aid kits. See where folks are putting first aid kits.See submissions

Bed Bug Bites Pictures
These bed bug bites pictures illustrate how bites can look. There are also pictures of the bed bugs and their colonies.

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