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First Aid and CPR Training

Issues regarding first aid and CPR classes or first aid and CPR certifications. Included are tips for better training, moulage and simulation.
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Story of Resusci Anne
This is how legends are made. Learn how a toy maker and a doctor created the most iconic first aid training device in history.

CPR Manikins
CPR is a mainstay of any paramedic's career, and training on CPR manikins comes every two years whether we need it or not. When you do the job as long as I have, you get lots of opportunities to compare the training tools to real life. There is definitely a level of realism that comes with price. Whether realism is as important as cost is something you'll have to decide for your own train…

First Aid and CPR Classes
A first aid and cpr class directory to help find cpr and first aid training in your area. Have a first aid class or CPR class? Submit your class here to add it to the directory.

My Opinion: Simulation Training
Some folks question the wisdom of realistic scenarios - especially bloody ones. I don't question it at all.

2010 CPR Guidelines
The American Heart Association issues new guidelines for CPR and ECC based on the latest research. The latest CPR guidelines came out in 2005. The 2010 CPR Guidelines should have some interesting changes.

2010 CPR Guidelines - Reader Hopes for the 2010 CPR Guidelines
What do you expect to see changed on the 2010 CPR Guidelines from the American Heart Association?

Before You Take a CPR Class
All CPR classes are not created equal. Learn the questions to ask when shopping for a training program.

You! Call 911!
How much information does a bystander need to call 911 for you? Probably more than, "Hey you! Call 911!"

2005 Changes to Heartsaver CPR
Outline of the 2005 changes to the American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR Guidelines.

Can I do CPR if I don't have a CPR certification?
The idea of being CPR certified can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Learning CPR is not the same thing as getting a CPR certification, but is the card all that important? Can you still do CPR if you don't have a CPR certification?

Where can I find CPR training?
There are two reasons to find CPR training classes: to get a CPR certification or to actually learn CPR. Unfortunately, not every CPR class will satisfy both goals. Ideally, CPR training is always going to be about learning to do CPR well. Where do you go to find good CPR training?

Do I have to do CPR if I'm CPR certified?
Some folks are reluctant to get CPR certified because they believe they could be sued if someone collapses near them and they don't do CPR. Do you have to do CPR if you are CPR certified?

Are Online CPR Certifications Legitimate?
If you drop the term "CPR" into any internet search engine, you're going to get a ton of links to sites promising online CPR certification. For a few bucks and a computer, any number of web sites will let you print out an official-looking card, suitable for your wallet, proclaiming you certified in the basics of CPR. That's a great time-saver,...

Teaching CPR to Kids
A study by physicians in the UK suggests that while kids are capable of learning proper CPR steps in very early years, they don't have the strength to properly compress the chest until they reach their teens.

Fake Blood and Medical Moulage
Fake blood is hard to get right and moulage is an art that many health instructors would like to master. These tips come from medical trainers and make up artists like you.See submissions

2010 CPR Guidelines - Readers Sound Off About the 2010 CPR Guidelines
What do you think of the 2010 CPR guidelines from the American Heart Association? Do you like what you see? Sound off about the 2010 CPR guidelines and hear what others have to say.

2010 CPR Guidelines - Why did CPR change from A-B-C to C-A-B
2010 CPR Guidelines - Why did CPR change from A-B-C to C-A-B

CPR Certification - Frequently Asked Questions About CPR Certification
CPR certification might be required for your job and you need to know if an online class is proper. Maybe you just want to know what to do in case a loved one suffers sudden cardiac arrest. It could be that you're last CPR certification was from high school and you're wondering if it has changed much. Below are some of the most common...

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