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Preparing for Tornadoes

Preparing for tornadoes is much like preparing for other disasters. Tornadoes affect mostly middle America. Learn the tips to stay prepared for tornadoes.

Surviving Tornadoes
Knowing what to do during a tornado can save your life. These tornado survival tips will help you make good decisions during a tornado.

Tornadoes in Western PA - Tornado Facts & Safety Tips
Most western PA tornados can be survived by following these tornado safety tips.

Deadly Tornado Wind Speeds Damage Homes and Lives
Tornadoes have occurred in all 50 states. You may not be safe. Know the danger signs of tornado formation and where tornadoes are most likely to occur. Learning the violenbt nature of tornadoes are critical to preventing damages to your life and home.

Meaning of Tornado Sirens in Oklahoma City Metro Area
A recent article in the Daily Oklahoman brought up an interesting and important point about the meaning of a tornado siren. It actually differs by the city, and some may be surprised to learn what OKC's siren is directing you to do.

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