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Cheerleading Stunt Injuries

Show Your Spirit Without Getting Hurt


Updated January 23, 2014

Cheerleaders falling

Wyoming Cowboys cheerleaders topple during a stunt

Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Cheerleading stunts can be absolutely spectacular for their intricacy and athleticism, and cheerleading stunt injuries can be just as spectacular.

It's a shame that cheerleading is often overlooked as a legitimate sport by scholastic organizations. The athleticism required for competition level cheerleading is on par with any other scholastic sport, and unfortunately, so are the injuries.

Have you or your child experienced a cheer injury? Share the experience of your injury and treatment below.


The more impressive the stunt, the more impressive the injury. Cheerleaders have the potential for falls from heights of more than 10 feet. Although not fatal in most cases, falls from that high have plenty of potential to cause injuries. The best prevention is to practice and perform only on cushioned surfaces, and to use proper technique.

Common cheerleading injuries:

Preventing Cheerleading Injuries

Valerie Ninemire, About.com Guide to Cheerleading, provides tips for cheerleading safety. She includes a list of reasons why cheerleaders get hurt and what to do about it.
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