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Soft Tissue Injuries - Bruises, Cuts, and Punctures

Soft tissue injuries include several different types of tissue damage. If the injury includes bruises, swelling, cuts, punctures, or impalements, look here to find help on how to respond.
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Emergency Room Horror Stories
Readers share their emergency room horror stories. How long did you wait? Were you the emergency that was missed? Tell your story.

Pictures of Injuries
It's hard to know what some injuries look like just from their descriptions. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. These pictures submitted by About.com First Aid readers help illustrate different injuries.See submissions

Road Rash
Road rash treatment is similar to caring for burns. Road rash is the common term for rubbing off part or all of the skin. The medical term is skin abrasion.

Should I Use Neosporin on My Cut?
Neosporin, also known as triple antibiotic ointment, is a cream containing three antibiotics: neomycin, bacitracin, and polymyxin. Triple antibiotic ointment is used on minor cuts and abrasions to prevent infection and encourage healing. Some folks are big believers of triple antibiotic ointments while others feel they are unnecessary. So, you...

Stop Drop and Roll
Burning clothes create a serious emergency. Learn how to respond when your clothes are on fire.

Topical Medications for Itchy and Painful Skin
Even if you've largely outgrown skinned knees and banged-up elbows, you might get scratches and scrapes, along with the occasional itchy spot. Although these conditions might not be serious enough for a doctor's care, you shouldn't ignore them because they could get infected. There are many over-the-counter (OTC) skin medications available.

Treat a Blister
How to treat a blister from friction on foot or elsewhere. Follow these steps to drain and dress blisters.

Stages of Frostbite Video
Frostbite occurs when freezing temperatures damage body tissue. Learn about the different stages of frostbite and how to check for frostbite on yourself or someone else.

Determining the Severity of a Burn
There are several factors used to determine if a burn is critical enough to necessitate a specialty burn center. Any burn that matches the criteria warrants a call to 911.

Acute Low Back Pain
Most people will experience acute low back pain sometime in their lives. Recognizing the symptoms of low back pain and knowing what to expect from treatment can help to avoid a prolonged episode.

Burned Surface Area
Measuring the size of a burn is difficult because every person is different in size, shape and weight. A square foot of burned surface area is much worse to a person who weighs 130 pounds than it is to someone who weighs 200 pounds.

Degrees of Burns
Determining the severity of a burn includes establishing how deep the damage goes into or through the skin. Burn thickness in most burn units is classified by degree -- the higher the number, the worse the burn.

Layers of the Skin
The layers of the skin are a lot like the layers of soil in a flowerbed. Each has its use and all the skin layers (or soil) work together to provide nutrients and protection for the stuff growing in it.

Treat a Gunshot Wound
Gunshot wounds are unpredictable puncture wounds that cause major tissue damage. Three factors work together to determine the severity of a gunshot wound: location, mass and velocity of the projectile.

Treat an Avulsion
Avulsions can be difficult to look at because of the amount of damage they cause. They are common in animal bites and motorcycle accidents. Learn to treat an avulsion.

Treat a Puncture Wound
Puncture wounds can be serious if deep enough. The most important considerations are bleeding control and infection.

Treat a Laceration
A laceration is a cut in the skin from a sharp object. Control bleeding and clean a laceration before anything else.

Give First Aid for a Black Eye
Black eyes are fairly common and the first aid for a black eye is very simple. However, black eyes can indicate serious injury, especially if there are two black eyes appearing at the same time.

Do I Need Stitches?
Some open wounds will benefit from stitches while others may not. Learn the difference before you head to the emergency room.

Treat an Impaled Object
Impaled objects are items that have punctured the skin and body tissue and are left in place. Impaled objects are difficult to treat because they are akward and dangerous to remove. Learn about impaled objects.

Burn Pictures - Gallery of Burn Pictures
Burn Pictures - Gallery of Burn Pictures

Testicular Torsion
Caused by a twisted spermatic cord, testicular torsion is a real emergency. If not surgically repaired within a few hours, the patient could lose a nut.

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