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An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure -- so the saying goes. Occupational health and safety is about keeping workers and students safe and healthy so they don't need first aid. It's also about having the right first aid training and tools to respond when things go wrong.
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Where can I find CPR training?
There are two reasons to find CPR training classes: to get a CPR certification or to actually learn CPR. Unfortunately, not every CPR class will satisfy both goals. Ideally, CPR training is always going to be about learning to do CPR well. Where do you go to find good CPR training?

What is a Defibrillator?
Ever wonder what a defbirillator does? This device saves lives everyday.

Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's
These are the basic steps to handle any emergency.

Before You Take a CPR Class
All CPR classes are not created equal. Learn the questions to ask when shopping for a training program.

Can I do CPR if I don't have a CPR certification?
The idea of being CPR certified can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Learning CPR is not the same thing as getting a CPR certification, but is the card all that important? Can you still do CPR if you don't have a CPR certification?

Healthy Kids Back to School - School Health Stories
Got a story about keeping your kids safe at school? Have your kids gotten hurt? What did you do to protect a child with allergies or a special medical condition? Share your experiences keeping kids safe and healthy at school.

Sports Injuries - Common Sports Injuries - Organized Sports
Organized sports can get a little rough. Football, soccer, basketball, and even baseball have the potential for injuring participants. Make sure you know how to handle the injuries that come from organized team sports.

Strep Throat
Strep throat is an inflamation of the throat caused by a streptococcal bacterium. Strep throat is easily passed from person to person.

A Stiff Neck Caused by Going Back to School - Meningitis
Meningitis - Neck Pain Caused by Infection

OSHA Requirements for First Aid in the Workplace
OSHA requires training for workplaces of a certain size. Know the first aid training requirements for your workplace.

How to Treat Exposure to Chlorine Gas: When Bleach is Mixed with Ammonia
Chlorine gas is released when ammonia and bleach are mixed together. With all the cleaning agents that contain either bleach or ammonia, exposure to chlorine gas is quite common. It's important to know what to do if it happens.

Before You Save a Life: What You Need to Know
There are important considerations for would-be rescuers. Not every victim wants to be saved and not every life saved will be grateful. Know the issues before you render first aid.

How Much are You Protected by Good Samaritan Laws?
Good Samaritan laws protect the general public from undue liability during good faith rescue attempts. But how much liability do you really have? Find out the important facts about Good Samaritan laws.

OSHA Fundamentals of a Workplace First-Aid Program
This Best Practices Guide from OSHA outlines a first-aid program for your workplace.

What to Keep in Your First Aid Kit
It's a good idea to have a first aid kit handy. Here are the items you should keep in it.

How to Stock an Allergy Emergency Kit
Here's what to stock, where to store it, and how to use and update a food allergy emergency kit.

Acute Low Back Pain
Most people will experience acute low back pain sometime in their lives. Recognizing the symptoms of low back pain and knowing what to expect from treatment can help to avoid a prolonged episode.

First Aid Kits for Anywhere
What's in your first aid kit? Share your first aid kit and see how others put together their first aid kits. See where folks are putting first aid kits.See submissions

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