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Skin Boils

Pictures of Skin Boils from MRSA and Other Infections


Updated August 07, 2010

MRSA isn't the only kind of bacteria that can infect the skin. In fact, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) can't be identified simply by looking at it. Many skin infections look similar. These pictures of skin boils illustrate the various ways MRSA and other infections on the skin can look.

Skin boils are often misidentified as a bug or spider bite. You may see pictures here that also appear in the spider bite picture gallery because the victim originally thought the boil came from a spider bite. Unless you catch a spider in the act of biting, chances are the boil is caused by some type of infection.

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MRSA pictureMRSA Blister on ToeMRSA pictureMRSA Blister PoppedImpetigoImpetigoMRSA pictureMRSA Lesion on Inmate's Arm
MRSA pictureMRSA Boil on Inmate's ArmSkin Boil in ZambiaSwollen face before and after antibioticsSwollen Face

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