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6 Deadliest Weather Conditions

Severe Weather Safety Tips to Beat Nature's Wrath


Updated January 23, 2014

Mother Nature is beautiful, but she's got a temper. The trick to dodging her bad moods is to be prepared and use some good judgment when she strikes with severe weather.

Nature fills in several spots on the leading causes of death chart. Here are the deadliest weather conditions Mother Nature has to offer with severe weather safety tips to get through alive.

6. Hurricanes

Photo Courtesy of NOAA
We Pacific folks have earthquakes and we're always asked how can we handle it. One thing I can say: At least we don't have an earthquake season! I know you hurricane people are going to get another one; it happens every year.

5. Tornadoes

Photo courtesy of NOAA
Twisters have a way of ripping stuff up like a weedeater cutting through the lawn. Get low or get out of the way.

4. Lightning

Photo courtesy of NOAA
Just like any mom, once in a while Mother Nature decides to reach down and slap somebody upside the head. If you hear her getting mad, it's time to duck and cover. I recommend concrete buildings.

3. Floods

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images
Floods are probably the most underrated weather phenomenon. Rain causes it; tsunamis cause it; hurricanes cause it. Besides, the biggest flood ever got a starring role in the ultimate bestseller of all time. There is something fascinating about seeing a house floating down river.

2. Cold

Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images
Ice, ice, baby! Frozen looks a lot better on a margarita than on you. Stay warm to the core with these tips for avoiding the deep freeze.

1. Heat

Photo: China Photos / Getty Images

And the winner is...

Heat kills more people than any other weather. It's not easy to cool off. At least when it's cold, you can burn something or add layers. As far as heat goes, once you're naked, only water or technology will help.

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