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Frostbitten Face

Hunting Trip Leads to Frostbite on Cheeks


Updated February 23, 2011

Frostbitten Face
From Japeofapes, About.com Guest

About.com Guest Japeofapes shared this picture of his frostbitten face. He was riding a snowmobile 52 miles from the village of Igloolik Nunavut, Canada. According to him, the temperature was -60 Celsius (-76 F) with the windchill.

"It was the 3rd week of January and I decided to go hunting," Japeofapes writes in his frostbite picture submission. "We were looking for caribou and my snowmobile windshield is very low profile."

Japeofapes says he and his partner stopped for tea. When his partner saw Japeofape's face, he said, "Oww man! Your face is frostbitten!"

I definitely agree with "Owww man!" That looks like it hurts.

Japeofapes says he "thawed it with snow so I would not feel so much pain later on and it worked." Not so sure I'm in love with "thawing" frostbite with snow. Putting snow on the frostbitten skin and muscle tissue is likely to continue the freezing process. Here's how to properly treat frostbite.

Japeofapes doesn't say how well his face did or did not heal. He does say his fingers also suffered from frostbite. He says he still feels numb and stinging in his fingers and blames that on not "thawing" them with snow.

Did you get frostbite and take a picture of it? Submit your own frostbite pictures and see what readers just like you have suffered.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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