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Frostbite Pictures

A Gallery of Frostbite Pictures from Minor to Severe


Updated February 04, 2010

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Frostbite damages body tissues in much the same way that burns do. In fact, frostbite injuries and burn injuries can look very similar, and frostbite can be categorized in the same way.

Frostbite can happen in many different ways, which is readily apparent from the different pictures. Whether climbing Mount Everest or icing an injury just a little too long, frostbite is an injury likely to leave its mark forever.

You can't properly treat frostbite unless you recognize it. Hopefully, these pictures will give you an idea how frostbite might look.

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Images 1-10 of 10
Frostbitten FaceBig Toe Frostbite BlisterFrostbitten FingersWhite Frostbite on FingertipsFrostbitten Fingers After 2 WeeksFrostbite on Fingers After 2 Weeks
Frostbitten Fingers After 4 WeeksFrostbite on Fingers After 4 WeeksFrostbitten handsFrostbitten HandsFrostbitten toesFrostbite on ToesFrostbitten fingertipsBlack Frostbite on Fingertips
Frostbite on ankleFrostbite from an Ice PackSevere FrostbiteSevere Frostbite on Fingers
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