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Sometimes, the need for first aid is an emergency. Sometimes first aid is more about tender care. Whatever the need, having a well stocked first aid kit organizes first aid items and makes them accessible. Learn how to put together a first aid kit and what first aid items you need.
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Elderly First Aid Supplies
Elderly patients have unique needs that require special supplies. Either build first aid kits for the elderly from scratch or add these things to an existing kit.

First Aid Kits for Anywhere
What's in your first aid kit? Share your first aid kit and see how others put together their first aid kits. See where folks are putting first aid kits.See submissions

Sports First Aid Kits
If you're playing -- and practicing -- hard enough to win, somebody could get hurt. If you're the coach or the team captain, are you ready for player injuries? Football injuries are more likely to occur in practice, but medical staff is usually only avaible on game days. The rest of the time, it's up to you. Baseball, tennis and basketball...

What Readers Keep in Their First Aid Kits
What's in YOUR kit? If you have a first aid kit, tell other readers what's in your kit and where you keep it. Come and see what others keep in their kits.

Where should I keep my first aid kit?
Ideally, you should have a first aid kit in your car and in your home. Of course, keeping a first aid kit doesn't mean you have to have a special store-bought version.

Ready-to-Use First Aid Kits
For those who don't want to take the time and effort necessary to build a first aid kit, these ready-made kits offer a quick way to stock the medicine cabinet or car. Ready-to-use, however, doesn't always mean the best bet.

Target/American Red Cross First Aid Emergency Preparedness Starter Kit
Target and the American Red Cross have teamed up to provide an emergency and first aid kit. It's a good kit, but buyer beware, there are problems.

First Aid Kit Gallery
These are just some of the first aid kits found around the home, office, or in the pockets of US soldiers.

First Aid Supplies - Tour of a First Aid Kit
The descriptions of first aid kits all list the same items, but what do you do with those items? Here is a description of everything in a first aid kit and when it should be used.

First Aid Kit & Medicine Cabinet Drugs
When picking medications for first aid kits and medicine cabinets, it's important to get the right kinds of drugs and avoid extras. Learn about pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and other classes of medications.

Keep Smiling at the Happiest Place on Earth
Taking the family to a theme park is a favorite of kids everywhere, but parents may not find it as carefree. There are plenty of scenarios to consider in the average theme park. First aid and safety should be on the minds of every parent.

Video - How to Choose Pain Medication
Not every pain killer is created equal. Find out the differences between common over-the-counter medications and discover what's really in your medicine cabinet.

Top Items in a First Aid Kit
Every first aid kit evolves as items are added or subtracted. No matter how each one turns out, there are certain items that every first aid kit should have.

First Aid Kits
It's a good idea to have a first aid kit on hand. Here are the contents you should keep in your first aid kit.

Travel First Aid Kits
Being on the road means taking your first aid supplies with you. The complexity of the first aid kit depends on where you're going.

First Aid Kits on Airline Flights
Current restrictions on liquids for those on airline flights may mean adjusting first aid kits to remove any banned items. Here is a list of apropriate first aid items to carry onto airline flights.

First Voice - First Voice Self-contained Emergency Treatment System -
The First Voice first aid kit system provides a unique way to help non-trained rescuers respond to emergencies. Unfortunately, I think the value of the First Voice system falls short of its price.

First Aid OSHA Compliance
OSHA compliance requires first aid (and sometimes CPR) training for workplaces. Know the first aid training requirements for your workplace to meet OSHA compliance.

First Aid Kits

There's more than one way to build a first aid kit. Some specialty items are designed for use in tactical situations and others are focused more on sports injuries. Here are the most commonly requested first aid kits.

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