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First Aid Kit Reviews

Not every first aid kit works for every situation. Each kit has strengths and weaknesses. Read reviews from your Guide to First Aid and from users about ready-made first aid kits.

Target and American Red Cross Emergency First Aid Kit Review
Target and the American Red Cross have teamed up to provide an emergency and first aid kit. It's a good kit, but buyer beware, there are problems.

First Voice - First Voice Self-contained Emergency Treatment System -…
The First Voice first aid kit system provides a unique way to help non-trained rescuers respond to emergencies. Unfortunately, I think the value of the First Voice system falls short of its price.

Fieldtex First Aid Kit
Chances are pretty good you won't need or use all of the supplies that come with this first aid kit. Prefilled first aid kits like this one are intended to cover a lot of bases. You could do the same thing cheaper by building your own, but it can be a lot of work. To fill a kit like this you may end up buying more than you need. Overall, this is...

Review Your First Aid Kit
Tell About.com First Aid about your favorite -- or least favorite -- first aid kit. Give us a review we can use.

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