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Emergency Kits

Personal Emergency Supplies to Survive Any Disaster


Updated January 23, 2014

We don't need too many things to survive (my kids would be fine with an iPod and a can of Rockstar). For a few dollars, you can have what you need sitting on your shelf or in the trunk of your car, ready to deploy at any minute. These emergency kits provide you peace of mind.

If you live in hurricane, tornado, flood or earthquake country you should have an emergency kit to get you through at least 24 hours with you at all times. At home, you should have enough emergency supplies for three full days.

For all of these emergency kits, I recommend adding extra water, and you'll have to supply your own iPod.

1. Three Day Survival Fanny Pack

disaster fanny pack
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
A compact single person pack, small enough for keeping in the car. Put this in the trunk for a quick getaway in case orders to evacuate come faster than expected. Not much here to wet your whistle, so remember to add a few bottles of water.
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2. One Person, Three Day High Quality Emergency Kit

disaster kit
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Three days' worth of supplies for a single person with a bigger bag. More supplies than the fanny pack with room to add personal items (medicines, wallets, glasses, etc).
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3. Acme Personal Disaster Kit

Acme disaster kit
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Just enough stuff for one person, one day. This is the quintessential bare minimum to keep in a car just in case you get caught in a jam -- traffic or otherwise.
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4. Disaster Preparedness 72 Hour Backpack for Two

disaster backpack
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This backpack has enough supplies to keep two people going for three days. Of course, it could always keep one person good for six days or six people for one day -- you get the idea. Another good option for the trunk.
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5. Mayday Family -- with Pet -- Survival Pack

family and pet survival kit
Photo Courtesy of PriceGrabber
A bucket of stuff for the family and a bucket of stuff for the family pet. This disaster kit contains enough supplies to keep you going three days (although I can't vouch for the flavor of the energy bars).
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