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Images of Ambulances from Around the World


Updated May 16, 2009

One of the greatest things about being a paramedic is the camaraderie among emergency medical services folks all over the globe. No matter what country you find yourself in, the job of being a paramedic is essentially the same.

Whenever I'm out and about, I try to get a shot of the ambulances. Here, I share those images with you and invite you to submit your own pictures. Do you work in an ambulance? Submit your ambulance pictures and maybe they will join these in the Gallery of Ambulances.

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Ambulance fleetAmbulance FleetItalian ambulanceWhen in RomeAmbulance in Barcelona SpainBarcelona EMSSpanish Emergency Medical VehicleEmergency Medical SUV
French Ambulance Pont-AudemeriennesSporty Little French NumberBritish AmbulanceBright and BritishFrench AmbulancePlain White French Ambulance
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