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Resources for Emergency Medical Service Professionals

Emergency Medical Service is an exciting and fulfilling career. Here are resources for current and aspiring first responders, emergency medical technicians, and paramedics.
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How I Saved a Life
Have you had the privilege to save another human being? Did you pull a fellow human out of the gaping jaws of death? Share your story of saving lives and how it affected you. Read others' stories and see what you think about their ordeals.

Gallery of Ambulance Pictures
Pictures of ambulances from around the globe. Includes ambulances from the United States and Europe. Submit your own if you'd like to be included.

EMS Week - Explanation of EMS Week
Cuckoo Dancing Week is in January; Psychic Week and Waffle Week are both in August; and September is Subliminal Communications Month. Since there seems to be a week or month dedicated to almost everything else, what exactly is EMS Week all about?

Readers Respond - Should Health Care Providers Be Able to Say No
Sometimes, ambulances respond to 911 calls only to find that there's not an emergency. The current rules from medicare discourage ambulance providers from denying transport to the ER. Should they be able to? Have you been denied? Readers share opinions and experiences.

National College of Technical Instruction - Student Reviews of NCTI
Students and others recount their experiences with National College of Technical Instruction, a paramedic and EMT training program. NCTI is the largest paramedic training program in the country; what do you think of it? Share your experiences and read others.

Can an EMT from one state get a job in another state?
EMS in the United States is pieced together from various state and local regulations, sometimes differing between neighboring municipalities, which makes reciprocity complicated. In this disorganized system, can an EMT from New Jersey work in another state?

How do I find a good EMS training program?
A reader's son is interested in a career in EMS. As she researched possible programs for her son, this reader asked the About.com First Aid Guide how to find the best EMS training program.

National College of Technical Instruction
National College of Technical Instruction (NCTI) was created in Sacramento, California in 1988. It was originally called Northern California Training Institute and started simply as a school to train paramedics. NCTI is part of American Medical Response, the nation's largest ambulance service.

What Can a Paramedic Do?
Paramedics practice what is known as advanced life support. It sounds impressive, but in first aid, the more basic the training - the more important the skill. For example, CPR is the most basic of all medical courses, but it is used when the heart stops - arguably the worst medical emergency possible.

NHTSA: Office of Emergency Medical Services
The country's highest EMS authority. Includes training and research information.

EMS Injuries
Almost 10% of all emergency medical technicians and paramedics in the country at any given time are missing work because of a job-related injury or illness.

Surviving the Island
On Survivor, an Australian company moves an Outback ER on location to provide medical care to the cast and crew.

The Difference Between an EMT and a Paramedic
The media regularly interchanges the terms "EMT" and "paramedic" in stories.What's the difference? Understand the differences and the similarities between paramedics and EMTs.

Universal Precautions - Bloodborne Pathogens
What are universal precautions and why are they important?

How to Become a Paramedic
Becoming a paramedic is different in every state, but there are certain similarities. Here are the usual steps.

To Immobilize or Not Immobilize: That Is the Question
Emergency Medical Services (EMS) News, Community, Education and Features for the EMS Professional. A discussion of the need for immobilizing the cervical spine of certain patients.

What's an ambulance driver?
Why do they call paramedics and EMT's "ambulance drivers" even though driving is only part of the job?

EMT and Paramedic Jobs - Definition of EMT and Paramedic Jobs
There's more to being a paramedic than sitting in an ambulance all day. Here are the ways paramedics and EMTs make a living.

Questions Every Paramedic is Asked
These are the questions every paramedic and EMT is asked while standing at the lunch counter. Some of these we dread, others we welcome.

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