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Tips for learning and performing CPR and first aid.
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First Aid Skills That Can Really Save a Life
There are those mommy first aid skills where a Band-Aid and a kiss are all that's needed to make everything better. We can fix a cut finger or ice a twisted ankle or staunch a bloody nose, the skills we learn almost by osmosis from watching Mom or Grandma. Then there's stepping up during an emergency, the difference between life or death. ...

First Aid Tips You'll Actually Use
First aid tips -- especially when shared by paramedics -- focus on emergency situations and procedures. It's all about how to react when blood is spurting, parts are missing or breathing has stopped. That's all good information, but the best first aid tips are the skills we do for mundane injuries. You know, the stuff most likely to happen at...

Help a Choking Infant
There's no substitute for proper training when it comes to saving an infant from choking. However, emergencies don't wait for training. Follow these steps for a choking infant under 1 year old.

How to Do CPR on a Child
There is no substitute for proper CPR training. However, emergencies wait for no one. Use these steps to provide CPR to children 1 to 8 years old.

Do Infant CPR
There is no substitute for proper training. However, emergencies wait for no one. Use these steps to provide CPR to babies under 1 year old.

8 Ways to Provide First Aid Without a First Aid Kit
Some people are prepared for any eventuality. Others, like me, are more fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of folks. Reading the average first aid book will leave you thinking the only way to provide first aid is with fancy tools. In reality, there is no better first aid tool than your own noggin. Most basic first aid either doesn't require...

You! Call 911!
How much information does a bystander need to call 911 for you? Probably more than, "Hey you! Call 911!"

Teaching CPR to Kids
A study by physicians in the UK suggests that while kids are capable of learning proper CPR steps in very early years, they don't have the strength to properly compress the chest until they reach their teens.

What is First Aid?
The answer to this question is not as easy as it seems. "First aid" is a catch-all phrase that refers to two distinctly different medical needs.

Do You Prefer One Shock or Three?
First, there was CPR. Then, there was AED and shocking became all the rage. Now, CPR may be retaking its rightful place in the hierarchy of resuscitation. Three shocks or one, which do you prefer?

Deadly Ignorance
There is no evidence that a rescuer, lay or professional, can contract HIV from a victim of cardiac arrest while performing CPR. A police chief barred a lay rescuer from helping a victim of cardiac arrest because he assumed the victim had HIV. Now the police chief is being sued for wrongful death.

First Aid Basics Quiz
Basic first aid starts with protecting the rescuer by following universal precautions and wearing personal protective equipment. The primary assessment covers the ABC's of first aid. This is the time when the rescuer decides if the victim has a life-threatening injury or illness. Take a true-false quiz to test your knowledge on first aid basics.

Do the Heimlich Maneuver
Choking requires a quick response to remove the airway obstruction before it leads to unconsciousness. These steps are for conscious adults and children aged 1 to 8.

Perform Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
There is no substitute for training, but here are the basic steps to do CPR.

First Aid Quiz
Try your hand at this quiz on basic first aid topics.

What is a Defibrillator?
Ever wonder what a defbirillator does? This device saves lives everyday.

Fundamental First Aid: The ABC's
These are the basic steps to handle any emergency.

Basic Steps to Controlling Bleeding
Stop bleeding before the victim goes into shock.

Before You Take a CPR Class
All CPR classes are not created equal. Learn the questions to ask when shopping for a training program.

Do I have to do CPR if I'm CPR certified?
Some folks are reluctant to get CPR certified because they believe they could be sued if someone collapses near them and they don't do CPR. Do you have to do CPR if you are CPR certified?

Is it possible to compress the chest too fast? - Definition of Is it possible...

Recovery Position
For decades, first aid instructors have taught to put unconscious patients in the recovery position. Why?

When do I stop CPR?
If you're doing CPR in the middle of the Amazon rainforest and nothing seems to be working, how do you know when to throw in the towel? How about if you're doing CPR in the middle of Manhattan? It's difficult, but not improper, to ask yourself: When do I stop CPR?

Are Online CPR Certifications Legitimate?
If you drop the term "CPR" into any internet search engine, you're going to get a ton of links to sites promising online CPR certification. For a few bucks and a computer, any number of web sites will let you print out an official-looking card, suitable for your wallet, proclaiming you certified in the basics of CPR. That's a great time-saver, but how legitimate is online CPR certification?

Can I do CPR if I don't have a CPR certification?
The idea of being CPR certified can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help. Learning CPR is not the same thing as getting a CPR certification, but is the card all that important? Can you still do CPR if you don't have a CPR certification?

Where can I find CPR training?
There are two reasons to find CPR training classes: to get a CPR certification or to actually learn CPR. Unfortunately, not every CPR class will satisfy both goals. Ideally, CPR training is always going to be about learning to do CPR well. Where do you go to find good CPR training?

2010 CPR Guidelines
The American Heart Association issues new guidelines for CPR and ECC based on the latest research. The latest CPR guidelines came out in 2005. The 2010 CPR Guidelines should have some interesting changes.

Why Mouth-to-Mouth During CPR is Not Necessary
Two studies have clearly showed a benefit to chest compressions without mouth-to-mouth. It's time to consider changing the way CPR is taught. Focusing on pumping blood during CPR, rather than on moving air, makes a lot of sense.

Push Hard, Push Fast
From emsresponder.com: A discussion on the American Heart Association's new guidelines for CPR.

How long does brain activity last after the heart stops?

Why did CPR change from A-B-C to C-A-B? - Definition of Why did CPR change...
2010 CPR Guidelines - Why did CPR change from A-B-C to C-A-B

How do Chest Compressions Work?
The heart is too deep in the chest to be directly affected by chest compressions. If we're not directly compressing just the heart, how do chest compressions really work?

Now that new CPR guidelines are out, do I have to retake the class right...

CPR Certification - Frequently Asked Questions About CPR Certification
CPR certification might be required for your job and you need to know if an online class is proper. Maybe you just want to know what to do in case a loved one suffers sudden cardiac arrest. It could be that you're last CPR certification was from high school and you're wondering if it has changed much. Below are some of the most common...

Signs of Death
There[!*!AP!*!]s no such thing as symptoms of death; the victims simply can[!*!AP!*!]t feel anything. To figure out which victims are just too dead to be saved, emergency responders look for signs of death.

Evolution of the CPR Dummy
CPR dummies have evolved from the original ResusciAnne to manikins that are too smart to be called dummies anymore.

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