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Dandruff isn't the Same as Nits


Updated August 16, 2013

Severe dandruff
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Dandruff differs from nits in a few ways:
  1. Dandruff particles are various sizes
    Nits are pretty uniform in size (half to one millimeter each).

  2. Dandruff falls off pretty easily
    Remember all those TV commercials where the dandruff sufferer would brush flakes off his shoulder? Nits don't fall off -- they're on for good. If you want nits off the hair shaft, you have to pull them off.

  3. Dandruff goes everywhere
    Nits tend to be more concentrated in areas where head lice like to live. Head lice like heat, so they live at the base of the neck and behind the ears. Dandruff doesn't really have a favorite place to live, so you'll find the flakes all over the head.

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