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Gallery of Head Lice Pictures

Nit-Picking or Dandruff Watch? Shedding Light on Head Lice


Updated October 08, 2009

Head lice get a pretty bad rap around the schoolyard. It turns out head lice aren't as bad as you might think, and head lice certainly don't spread as easily as school officials may have you believe.

Diligent nit-picking is the most cost-effective and safest way to keep nasty little head lice off junior's noggin. But, what do these things really look like? Dive into the gallery to see the difference between nits and dandruff, and an up-close look at one of the ugliest critters you'll ever see.

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Head Lice NitSevere dandruffDandruffFemale Head LouseLooking Into the Nit
Birth of a Head LouseLouse on a Cotton Swab
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