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Burn Pictures

Pictures of Burns from Medical Authorities and Submitted by Readers


Updated July 27, 2010

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Everybody knows there are first, second, and third degree burns, but not everyone knows how to identify severe burns. It's not difficult to differentiate burns if you know what to look for.

These burn pictures illustrate how a deep burn looks compared to a shallow burn. Many of these pictures are submitted by readers. Submit your own burn picture here.

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sunburnFirst Degree Sunburnelectrical burn on handSecond Degree Electrical BurnsunburnBow Tied Sunburnroad rashRoad Rash
Second degree burn on handSecond Degree Burn from GlueDeep second degree burn on armDeep Second Degree BurnSecond degree burn on handSevere Hand BurnThird degree burn on fingerThird Degree Burn on Finger
burn from a heating padHeating Pad Burnsecond degree scalding burnScalding Burn from Pressure Washer
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