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Burns and Fire Safety

Burns are the most common injuries researched on About.com First Aid. Here are resources for assessing and treating burns. Learn how to classify and determine the size of burns, as well as how to treat them.

Home Fire Safety - Tips for Home Fire Safety
Practice fire safety in the home. Use these tips to make your home and family safer from fire.

Smoke Alarms - Moms Wake Kids Better Than Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms work much better when mom's voice is used instead of a tone.

Escape Ladders - Fire Escape Ladders - Emergency Escape Ladders
Fire escape ladders provide a second way out for those not on the ground floor. Make sure your multi-story home has fire escape ladders.

Stop Drop and Roll
Burning clothes create a serious emergency. Learn how to respond when your clothes are on fire.

Everything from a simple sunburn to complete loss of skin. Burns can be difficult to treat and lead to life-changing complications.

First Aid Burn Quiz
Take a quiz to test your knowledge on burns and burn first aid.

Determining the Severity of a Burn
There are several factors used to determine if a burn is critical enough to necessitate a specialty burn center. Any burn that matches the criteria warrants a call to 911.

How to Treat a Sunburn
Sunburns are a little different than other types of burns, but the treatment is very similar. Learn how to treat a sunburn before you need to.

Video - Types of Burns
Learn about the three different types of burns, their risks, and their effects on the skin. A video from About.com First Aid.

Burned Surface Area
Measuring the size of a burn is difficult because every person is different in size, shape and weight. A square foot of burned surface area is much worse to a person who weighs 130 pounds than it is to someone who weighs 200 pounds.

Degrees of Burns
Determining the severity of a burn includes establishing how deep the damage goes into or through the skin. Burn thickness in most burn units is classified by degree -- the higher the number, the worse the burn.

Using Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers are rated for specific types of fires. Make sure you purchase the right type of fire extinguisher for the area where you plan to use it.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher Video
A fire extinguisher is an important safety item for any home or office - but knowing how to use it is even more crucial than owning one. Find out how to use a fire extinguisher properly.

First Aid Burn Treatment - How to Treat a Burn
All burns need to be cooled immediately by running cool water over the burn for several minutes. How to treat the burn after that depends on the severity of the burn and where it is.

Home Fire Safety Tools
Fire safety begins with preparation. Make sure your home has all the necessary fire safety items to respond to an emergency.

Emergency Evacuation Plan
Make a plan for evacuation in the event of a fire. Fire safety depends on preparation.

Smoke Alarms
Smoke alarms detect smoke particles in the air. There are two types of smoke alarms available, and each home should have both.

How to Put Out a Grease Fire
Grease fires are extremely dangerous because the fuel source (the grease) is a liquid, and easily splashed. Grease fire burn very hot and can quickly spread to cabinets or other flammable areas of the kitchen. Follow these steps when faced with a grease fire in your kitchen.

Candle Safety Tips
The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reports that candles were responsible for an estimated 18,000 home fires in 2002, more than triple the number of home fires caused by candles in 1990. Follow these safety tips from the NFPA to make the experience as safe as it is relaxing and romantic.

Fire Escape Plan (PDF)

Burn Pictures - Gallery of Burn Pictures
Burn Pictures - Gallery of Burn Pictures

10 Examples of Second Degree Burns
These pictures are graphic, but they show 10 clear examples of second degree burns.

Scalded or Burned?
Scalds or burns: Is there a difference or does it even matter? The answer really lies in the way it's treated.

Burns - First Aid for Burns

Burns happen to millions of Americans every year. Are you ready to treat burns?

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