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Obvious and Subtle Broken Bone Pictures


Updated July 26, 2010

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Fractures can be very obvious. It's disconcerting to see an arm or leg bent in a way that just doesn't look natural. In the words of a medical examiner I learned many insights from: "This anatomy is just a bit disarranged."

That doesn't mean all fractures are obvious; most of them are quite subtle. There can be a little swelling or a bruise pattern that makes you wonder. Often, the only indicator of a fracture is the mechanism of injury and excruciating pain.

Indeed, it is a myth that victims can't move fractured parts. Broken bones can get in the way, but movement comes from muscles and tendons. Fractured arms, legs, hands, feet and fingers are certainly capable of movement.

These fracture pictures should help illustrate the wide variety of ways broken bones can look.

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Broken AnkleBroken ThumbBroken HandOpen Fracture of the Finger
Sesamoid FractureMallet Fingerbroken wristColles Fracture
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