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Cuts in the Kitchen

Knife Injuries During Food Preparation


Updated January 22, 2014

cut in the kitchen

A cut in the kitchen means you're close to the sink.

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Getting a cut in the kitchen is probably the worst and best place to break the skin. Worst because invariably, uncooked food is covered in bacteria. Best because soap and water are nearby.

If you cut yourself during food preparation, infection is your worst enemy. If the bleeding is squirting, then take steps to control bleeding immediately and call 911.

If the blood is oozing from the cut, then follow these steps:

  1. Wash with soap and water. There are all kinds of disinfectant products out there, but nothing works better than soap and warm water.
  2. Control bleeding. Be sure to wash it first! You don't want to wash the site after you stop bleeding, because that will wash away the scab and start the bleeding over again.
  3. If the victim feels weak or dizzy, call 911 and treat for shock.
  4. If the cut is a centimeter or longer and you can see tissue below the skin, it may need stitches. In that case, take the victim to the emergency room or urgent care center.

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