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Spider in the Shower

After a Shower this Spider Had a Snack


Updated July 07, 2010

Spider in the Shower
Image submitted by Rosebuds1981, About.com Guest

Rosebuds1981, an About.com First Aid reader, submitted this picture of a bite on her arm that landed her in the hospital. In her submission, she writes how she caught the spider in the act:

I was just getting out of the shower and had wrapped my towel around me when I felt something sting my arm. That's when I brushed the spider off my arm and saw it fall to the floor. That happened about eleven o'clock pm.

The next day it was itching but I had no pain. By the third day it hurt a little, but by the fourth day my whole arm was throbbing.

Catching a spider in the act is rare. Usually, the victim doesn't even know the spider was around. Even though this reader saw a spider and believes it fell from her arm, there is still the possibility this is something else entirely. When it's this swollen, a trip to the doctor is a good idea.

This picture was submitted by an About.com reader. Submit your own spider bite picture here.

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