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Is It a Spider Biting in the Night?

Redness and Itching from Several Bites While Sleeping


Updated February 01, 2010

Probable spider bite on knee
Photo courtesy of Nancy

A reader contributed this picture of a small, localized rash near her knee. The rash is one of 4 itchy areas that came on in the night while she was sleeping. The irritations started out looking like mosquito bites then got worse. This is a good example of how "spider bites" may or may not be caused by spiders.

There are plenty of bugs out there that bite. Many are poisonous and lots of folks are allergic to various insects and even spiders. During a trip to the doctor for a similar bite last year, the reader was told these were most likely spider bites.

Whether treated as a spider bite or a bug bite, most rashes like this should go away without any help. If it keeps getting bigger, develops pus or a blister, or gets very hot, make an appointment with the doctor. If a bite like this is followed by shortness of breath, call 911.

Have a spider bite you want to share? Submit a picture of your spider bite.

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