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Rash on Chest After Spider Bite on Back

A Spider Bite in Peru Leads to a Mysterious Rash


Updated June 27, 2010

Rash on Chest After Spider Bite on Back
Photo (c) Jose Luis Balarezo Gardiol

In the last image, we see the area where Jose says he was bitten by a spider he calls a black widow but describes as red and brown. There are brown widows that are related to black widows with a somewhat less venomous bite; so, it is certainly possible that Jose was the victim of a red and brown spider.

There are so many spider species and so many possible reactions to spider bites that it's almost impossible to tell what kind of spider is responsible for a bite unless the spider is caught and identified by an arachnologist (spider expert).

In this case, Jose was convinced he'd found the culprit because he discovered a dead spider in his T-shirt after feeling a sharp pain.

Jose developed a rash on his chest after the spider bite, which was on his back. Since this rash on his chest is nowhere near the original bite, it means he may be developing an allergic reaction to the bite.

Allergic reactions to bug and spider bites can be deadly if they develop into anaphylactic shock. Usually, if anaphylaxis is going to develop it happens fairly quickly after the bite. Bee stings are commonly considered the most likely to lead to anaphylaxis, but almost any bug bite could be to blame.

See how the rash on Jose's back began to take shape, calling into question the idea of an allergic reaction -- or a spider bite -- at all.

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