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Spider Bite Bullseye

It May Be Small, But the Bullseye is Clear


Updated February 01, 2010

Spider Bite Bullseye
(c) Jake from Atlanta
One of the things that sets bites -- whether from spiders or other bugs -- apart from infections is the "bullseye" pattern of discoloration. It's common in tick bites, especially those that later turn into Lyme disease. The bullseye can also be there for spiders.

This bite is small, but up close you can really see the pattern of red in the center surrounded by lighter color surrounded by a red circle. Jake from Atlanta says there are "teeth marks" in the center, but that isn't readily apparent from this picture. He also says this bite was followed by dizziness that lasted for more than 10 hours. This picture was taken the next day.

Jake hadn't seen a doctor by the time he submitted this picture. It's a good idea to see a doctor anytime a bite or a rash comes with dizziness, fever, headache, weakness or confusion.

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