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Not a Brown Recluse Bite

Doctor Thinks It's a Spider, Just Not a Brown Recluse


Updated September 28, 2010

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Not a Brown Recluse Bite
Image submitted by Paige Fusilier, About.com Guest

Paige Fusilier, About.com Guest, submitted this spider bite after spending a few days in Mississippi. She gives this account:

Was awakened by stinging and burning sensation with noted swollen area approx size of quarter. Just prior to event, I had picked my shirt up from the floor and put on in a hurry; then removed the shirt 5-7 mins later. Pain awakened me approx 30mins later; fell back asleep thinking, "dang, a skeeter got me."

Paige describes common symptoms for infection:

I started with joint pain, stiffness, and nausea on day 3-4, today (day 5) area is still hot to touch, tender, and running low grade temp.

Paige waited until day 3 and a trip back to Tennessee before seeing a doctor. The doctor put her on antibiotics.

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