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Hobo Spider Bite on Toe

Abscess on Toe After Hobo Spider Found in the Shoe


Updated November 09, 2010

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Hobo Spider Bite on Toe
Photo supplied by andynrobi, About.com Member
After finding a hobo spider in a shoe, About.com member andynrobi had this abscess develop on the second toe of the left foot.

From andynrobi's submission:

"The bite first appeared as 2 blisters which merged into a single, sunken black scab that looked like this on the third day. My podiatrist says the skin, muscle, and tendons have died all the way down to the bone."
This series of images shows how the abscess progressed during treatment. As described by andynrobi:
"Upper left photo is before removal of some of the dead tissue, right is after initial debriding. Subsequent pictures are at two-week intervals. Three months later it has still not closed."
This image is from a reader just like you. Read andynrobi's full submission here. Have a spider bite or something you think may be a spider bite? Submit a picture of your spider bite here.

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