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She Slept Through Her Spider Bite

Felt a Pinch in Her Sleep and Woke to a Sore


Updated July 13, 2010

She Slept Through Her Spider Bite
Image submitted by Gina, About.com Guest

One of the things I find interesting is the number of different bits of advice folks get from their doctors. One doc gives steroids; another gives antibiotics. One doctor suggested using honey as a disinfectant and this reader, Gina, says her doctor told her to use warm compresses.

It shows how little research there is on what works and what doesn't. Without clear evidence to guide us, medical suggestions aren't much better than educated guesses.

Gina says in her spider bite picture submission that she felt a pinch in her sleep. She says she woke the next day with a lesion forming on her arm. She based her "diagnosis" of a spider bite by looking at similar pictures on the internet. In reality, it could be a bite, but it could be an infection as well.

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