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Spider Bite with Fang Marks?

About.com Reader Finds Two Holes in One Possible Spider Bite


Updated February 21, 2010

Possible Spider Bite
Image submitted by Exodog, About.com Guest

About.com reader Exodog submitted this spider bite with a theory of how the bite may have happened. Exodog is pretty sure this was a from a spider hiding in the bed -- and seems a bit shaken about that prospect, I must say. Exodog wonders about the presence of two puncture wounds in what appears to be a single bite.

Fang marks, perhaps?

Could be, but I wouldn't want to meet the monster that has that big of a mouth. Those marks look pretty big and kind of far apart. On the other hand, we have another example of fang marks that came from a black widow spider (almost) caught in the act. Ultimately, who knows? Exodog could have been attacked in the middle of the night by a giant black widow or some sinister tarantula.

It could also be bite marks that just happen to be close together. Read Exodog's entire submission here.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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