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Can Cellulitis be from a Spider Bite?

A Reader with Cellulitis Blames a Spider for Her Troubles


Updated February 21, 2012

Can Cellulitis be from a Spider Bite?
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This type of redness is often a form of cellulitis (literally translated as an inflammation of the cells), a catch-all sign of infection or other irritation. Red lines are signs that the infection is spreading. In this example, submitted by a reader, this was thought to be a spider bite.

While theoretically, spider bites can be a route for infection, there is very little evidence to support the theory. There's just so much that can cause infection that without seeing a spider in the act of biting, we can't really blame the spider.

Cellulitis can cause pain, itching, swelling and loss of function. Common infections that can lead to cellulitis include staphylococcus and streptococcus (also notorious for scarlet fever).

There's not much you can do at home on your own for cellulitis. You'll have to go to a doctor.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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