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Brown Recluse?

A Squished Spider and Pictures on the Internet. Brown Recluse or Not?


Updated July 08, 2010

Brown Recluse?
Submitted by Didi, About.com Guest

Didi, an About.com reader, believes this bite is a result of a spider biting her. In her submission, she describes why she thought this was a brown recluse bite:

I did see a spider running very quickly across the floor from near the area I took my sweater off the last time. It was a rather large one and when I look at pictures of a recluse spider I'd say that's what it was. Sadly, I squished it.

It might have been a brown recluse, but then again it might not have. It's extremely difficult to accurately identify spiders without a background as an arachnologist. Even the experts have a hard time identifying a brown recluse, even with a good specimen and time to examine it.

If you think you know the spider species, by all means tell the doctor. However, a good doc knows not to put too much stock in guessing, so he or she should still consider all the possibilities. Assuming it's a spider bite when it's really something else can be dangerous.

This picture was submitted by an About.com reader. Submit your own spider bite picture here.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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