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A Spider in the Night?

Itchy Red Lesion Leads Reader to Blame an Unseen Spider


Updated May 09, 2014

Possible Spider Bite
Image submitted by chanta, About.com Guest

In this reader submitted spider bite, About.com guest chanta tells how an itchy lesion appeared on the back of the leg. Chanta believes the lesion is a spider bite and bases that belief on the fact that it itches.

In reality, there are lots of things that can cause lesions like this. More common than spider bites would be skin infections -- staph, strep or MRSA come easily to mind. Plus, spiders aren't the only critters that bite.

Chanta might be right about this being a spider, but no one will ever know. Read chanta's entire submission here.

Any opinions expressed here are for educational purposes only and are not intended for diagnosis.

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