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Hives on Baby's Arm

Raised, Red and Itchy Hives


Updated August 11, 2010

Hives on Baby's Arm
(c) Paul Cutler
The itchy, red, raised rash that comes with allergic reactions is called hives -- or in fancy medical terminology, urticaria. Anything that causes an allergic reaction can cause hives. Some of the most common causes are bee stings, mosquito bites, soaps, detergents, foods, medications and plants.

You don't have to touch something to develop hives. For instance, allergic reactions to food can result in hives. People prone to anaphylaxis -- severe allergies to things like bee stings and certain foods -- should take any itchy rash seriously. Any person who develops hives and is having trouble swallowing or breathing needs to call 911 immediately.

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