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First Aid Videos

Demonstrations and Animations to Help You Learn First Aid and Safety


Updated January 24, 2014

With the help of real paramedics, doctors and firefighters, About.com demonstrates first aid and safety skills you really need. Animations help illustrate how the body works when things go wrong. Use these videos to learn about first aid.

Hands Only CPR

(c) About.com
There's no substitute for proper CPR training, but this video shows the bare bones of CPR -- push on the chest hard and fast until someone tells you to stop. There are some tips to help get the right rate of chest pushes and a reminder to call 911.

Do the Heimlich Maneuver

(c) About.com
This is the gold standard of choking treatment. It's a little like shooting the cork out of a pop gun -- just squeeze a little and pop ... out comes the offending chunk of steak.

Burn Treatment

Second degree burn
(c) About.com
Is it a serious burn or something minor? Learn to tell the difference, handle the minor stuff at home, and call in the big guns when things go badly.

Dress a Wound

Cut hand
(c) About.com
Take care of those minor wounds at home, and at least clean and bandage the deeper cuts before you head to the emergency department. Of course, if the bleeding doesn't stop then it's all about 911.

Stop a Nosebleed

Treating a nosebleed
(c) About.com
Adults and kids both are likely to get nosebleeds. It's usually a minor thing in kids, but it can be a really big deal in adults. Regardless of the age group, the steps to staunch the blood flow are the same.

Use a Fire Extinguisher

Extinguishing a fire
(c) About.com
Putting out a fire is dangerous work, which is the reason we used a real firefighter. If you decide to douse the flames yourself, this video shows how to use that fire extinguisher. It includes tips on choosing your extinguisher, too.

Tour an Ambulance

(c) About.com
Kind of like take-your-kid-to-the-office meets Pimp My Ride. Let me show you around my workspace, complete with flashing lights and wailing sirens.

Find the Right Pain Drug

Dr. Mona Khana
(c) About.com
Anti-inflammatory drugs, painkillers -- what do you choose? This video explains the differences and gives tips on when to use one type of pain reliever over another.

Plan for a Disaster

Dr. Mona Khana
(c) About.com
If things go horribly wrong, this video gives tips on planning your escape. It includes information on disaster supplies.

Types of Burns

(c) Blausen Medical
This animation explains the difference between first-, second- and third-degree burns.

Stages of Frostbite

Skin tissue
(c) Blausen Medical
Frostbite is the cold version of a burn. This animation explains the differences between frostbite and frostnip.

Collapsed Lungs

Lung tissue
(c) Blausen Medical
This animation shows how a lung collapses, which might not work the way you think.
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