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Identification and Treatment of Spider Bites

Spider bites are not always what you think they are. Wounds, rashes and bumps could certainly come from being chomped by a spider, but they're just as likely to be from something else entirely. These links take you to pages that may help you understand better what is and what may not be a spider bite, as well as what to do about it.

How is a black widow bite diagnosed?
From a reader: My 20 year old son was bitten by a black widow the other day. He had all the symptons, went to ER and was given Morphine via IV for pain, ALL day long! Doctor's did not find anything in his blood. Why not?

Reader Submitted Spider Bites
Spider bites seem to be more common than the spiders doing the biting. See how other readers' spider bites look and learn about their experiences. Share your own spider bite story and pictures with other readers to let future spider bite victims know how to recognize them and what to expect from spider bite treatment.

Spider Bite Pictures
Infected wounds are often blamed on spider bites. Unfortunately, it's really hard to tell if a spider is really the culprit. Many bug bites look...

Spider Bites
Spiders get a pretty bad rap in the world of first aid. Plenty of red, raised welts have been identified, either correctly or incorrecty, as spider bites. Despite the belief by many victims that spiders are responsible for their pain, spider bites are often harmless. Indeed, most spider bites go unnoticed and untreated.

Spider Bites - Real Spider Bites
About.com readers share their experiences with spider bites. Bites and treatment -- share your story and read what others have endured.

How to Tell It's NOT a Brown Recluse
It's nearly impossible for an amateur to positively identify a brown recluse. However, with these steps you can clearly tell the 99% that are definitely not brown recluses.

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