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Senior Safety

Senior patients have unique safety and first aid needs that don't come up with younger patients. Make sure you have the right tools and training to keep seniors safe.
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Compare Medical Alert Systems
Compare medical alert systems to see which is the best option to give the senior in your life peace of mind. Medical alert systems give seniors a way to summon help in case they are unable to get to a phone.

Definition of Medical Alert System
Definition of a medical alert system, including the different types and other names for the same thing.

Elderly Fall Injuries
One out of 3 people 65 years old and older takes a tumble every year, according to the CDC. In this age group, falls are the most common cause of injuries that lead to hospitalizations as well as deaths.

Problems with Medical Alert Systems - Definition of Problems with Medical...
Medical alert systems are used to get help when -- for whatever reason -- you are unable to call 911. Each of these systems has its own problems. However, some things are common issues for both types.

Fainting First Aid
Fainting (syncope) is a sudden loss of consciousness from a lack of blood flow to the brain. Victims usually wake up quickly after collapsing.

Shingles is caused by the same virus responsible for chickenpox. It affects seniors more often than anyone else.

Elderly First Aid Supplies
First aid kits for the elderly should contain different items than the typical first aid kit. Elderly patients have unique needs that require special items.

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