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CPR Tips and Tricks

Doing CPR, like any other skill, has its own shortcuts that experts learn after performing it time and again. Here are tips and tricks that rescuers and instructors learn over time to make CPR easier or better.

4 Tricks They Don't Teach in CPR Class

CPR instructors don't deviate. They're not allowed. If they do, the CPR police come in the night and take away their manikins.

Enterprising rescuers -- professional or not -- have come up with tricks of the trade that CPR instructors routinely leave out of the garden variety CPR class. These are the fruits of experience.

CPR Tips - Reader CPR Tips
Share your CPR tips and tricks with others. Anything that makes CPR easier to remember or do is good for victims. Do you have a CPR trick you use?

Stayin' Alive with CPR
This tip helps rescuers keep the proper rate while doing CPR. Going too slow doesn't generate enough blood flow, and going too fast doesn't allow the heart to fill properly between compressions. Humming along with the Bee Gee's is one way to stay on track.

You! Call 911!
How much information does a bystander need to call 911 for you? Probably more than, "Hey you! Call 911!"

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